CRMP Courses On your Schedule

The FAR Learning and Development Division is proud to offer NRMLA-approved Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP) courses to assist in achieving and maintaining CRMP certification. Each of the below 60-minute classes offers 1 CE credit when receiving a final quiz score of 80% or higher. Once completed, your results will be automatically provided to NRMLA, who will issue your credits.

If you are a FAR Wholesale Partner, please take your CRMP classes here.

These courses are intended for beginners working toward an initial CRMP designation. Basic courses DO NOT count towards maintaining a previously earned CRMP designation.
The Silver Lining In Divorce Over 55

Over the years, we’ve seen reverse mortgage products evolve to meet the changing retirement needs and goals of our borrower. More options, safeguards, and even new innovative products have been developed over the years as the use of home equity in retirement becomes more commonplace. One more way that home equity can play a pivotal role and address a growing need: Divorce among those 55 and older.

Financial Assessment – Extenuating Circumstances

What happens when a borrower’s credit history does not meet the HUD’s Financial Assessment criteria? Can the lender consider any Extenuating Circumstances that led to the credit or property charge issues? Acceptable Extenuating Circumstances examples, and what information is required is covered in this informative session.

Financial Assessment - Willingness and Capacity

Looking at a reverse mortgage borrower’s qualification through the Financial Assessment lens. A review of the different credit scenarios of the reverse mortgage borrower. Includes willingness and capacity, liabilities, property charges, extenuating circumstances and LESA.

Financial Safeguards for Reverse Mortgage Borrowers

Being aware of fraud, and elder abuse are important for professionals who advocate for older adults in our industry. Learn how you can catch red flags and observe potential problems and concerns. As well as how to protect the retirement demographic.

Intent and Creation of the HECM

Follow the history of the HECM Program from 1961 to today. Has this stayed on course from the original intent of congress? and what changes have been implemented through the years to ensure safeguards and protections for the benefit of the borrower to insure the longevity and integrity of this industry for the future.

Knowing the Rules of the Game

Knowing the truths and misconceptions of a reverse mortgage is important to know and understand for any reverse mortgage sales professional. Regulatory facts and compliance with HUD will help you answer questions and set expectations.

Marketing and Ethics

Choose your words and your advertising wisely! Finding the balance between responsible wording in your marketing efforts and obtaining results that sustain your business can be a challenge. Familiarize yourself with your ethical responsibilities to the industry and its customer base, and insight into proper marketing tactics and messaging.

Insights into Understanding our Aging Population

Learn statistics and demographics of the Reverse Mortgage Borrower to help understand the opportunities that are available for sales professionals. This sourced information will help you focus on the needs and wants of various clients in or preparing for retirement.

Reverse for Purchase

Grow your business pipeline through incorporating Reverse Purchase and Realtor/Builder Relationships into your business model. Show Business Partners how to service the largest demographic group of adult homeowners who will need housing choices in retirement.

Expand on core knowledge with deeper dives into the world of reverse. For experienced professionals looking to maintain CRMP certification.
HECM Non-Borrowers

How do Non-Borrowing Spouses and Non-Borrowing Owners play into the Reverse Mortgage process and what protections do they have? Learn how to properly guide clients and business partners.

In Home Care

It’s no secret that the older adult population is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. With this comes an increased need for in home care plan which can play a significant role in allowing the older adult to age in place in their own home.

Selling the LOC Growth Feature

Explaining how the Line of Credit works to a client or business partner can provide so many retirement planning opportunities. Know the facts and understand how to explain the features for adjustable rate HECM’s.

What Sales Should Know About Servicing

What happens to a loan once it is closed and funded? Learn about the process, and what a borrower might expect during the servicing life span of their Reverse loan.